The Physical Theatre Studio is the only year-long program in Sydney that focuses on physical theatre for young people. It is designed to elevate creative practices and equip students with the skills to stand out as robust performers, artists and devisers.

Our comprehensive and diverse training reflects the needs of Australian artists to be multi-skilled, and so we focus on:

  • The fundamentals of the body in performance and devising,

  • Creating opportunities to meet industry professionals, and

  • Ensemble training.

We also use a “body first” approach to our training. We believe in the power of using the body as the first point of creative inspiration, rather than using a “thought first” approach.

Suitable for all bodies and fitness levels, we will also help you develop a meaningful, imaginative relationship with your body. You will be empowered to work proactively and independently to solve any creative challenges that arise during the exploration of your practice.


Using tailored discussions and teachings to cultivate a culture of deep reflection and investigation around the work you are experiencing, we will directly respond to your creative and developmental needs throughout the program, ensuring every student is left with an individualised set of skills.

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