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Get up out of your chair and work with your body as a writing partner.


Join us for the next pop up workshop in the series - TINY TALES! 

Engage your body through improvisations, provocations and movement exercises to unlock your physical imagination as you write. This workshop is great for wherever you are in the writing journey. Whether you’re already working on something and want to shake it up a bit or if you’re just starting out, we will provide you with some new tools to make sure your mind and body are working together when you write. 
In this workshop you will:

•    Be introduced to some of TINY Studios text generation methods 
•    Learn how to use your body to stimulate your writing 
•    Pick up some tricks to help with writer’s block
•    Write a lot! 

Suitable for all writing styles and physical experiences.

We still want people to know the kind of work we do so this workshop is also open to anyone above 18 years old. 

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We also offer year long training in the form of our Physical Theatre Studio - hit the button to find out more!
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