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In just a few hours craft a fully fleshed-out character that could start from something as natural as scratching an itch.


In this workshop, students learn to listen to their bodies for creative inspiration and shape their impulses into rich, energetic, playful and compelling characters. Through a series of physical tasks, characters are discovered, fleshed out, given a voice and by the end of the workshop, students devise small scenes in whatever style best suits their interest.

By the end of the workshop you will have:

  • Been introduced to TINY Studios’ unique ‘Body first’ approach

  • Learned to scan your body for creative inspiration

  • Devised a new character based on your impulses

  • Created small scenes for presentation

This class is ideal for artists seeking new ways to approach devising character, while providing an introduction to the layout of our

Physical Theatre Studio. Ideal for actors, devisers, dancers & drama students. We welcome all bodies and experience levels!

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